Get on board...2017 times & fares at a glance

Opening hours of the ticket office

The ticket office in Blumberg-Zollhaus opens 1.5 h before a train leaves.

Opening ticket office Blumberg-Zollhaus Morning rides: 08:30-10:00 h |

Opening ticket office Blumberg-Zollhaus Afternoon rides: 12:30-14:00 h

The ticket office in Weizen opens 45 min before a train leaves.

Opening ticket office Weizen Morning rides: 10:45-11:30 h |

Opening ticket office Weizen Afternoon rides: 14:45-15:30 h 


Snacks & drinks

Also visit our two kiosks. There is one at Blumberg-Zollhaus train station, and another one is located at Weizen. Small snacks and a selection of beverages are served.

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