Railway discovery trail

Start from the railway station Blumberg-Zollhaus. After having crossed the B27 road, continue to the left of the rail tracks, then cross the road at Buchberg tunnel. Follow the signs in Southern direction to the dirt road at the edge of the forest until you reach the trail marked by Schwarzwaldverein (white-red diamond on yellow background). Follow this trail in Western direction until Ottilienhöhe. Now continue in Southern direction down the valley, then climb up again until you reach the picnic area Bühl. From here to the road Fützen - Achdorf. Continue along the road until you reach the gateway to Wutachflühe. Then continue on the marked route along the Wutach river. Cross the Wutach at the bridge toward the Lausheim-Blumegg stop. You can see the rail tracks of the heritage train on four different height levels in front of you. This is an ideal position for photographers, right above the Biesenbach viaduct (4). This impressive arched bridge was built from single-span beams (fish-bellied girders).

The Epfenhofen train station (5) was built in 1890 and is a typical example of the standard train station architecture. The route ascends 10 per mill, with the exception of the train stations, to facilitate the start of the heavy steam engines. We now look to the Epfenhofen viaduct (6), the largest and longest bridge. The steel made of wrought iron was manufactured by Gutehoffnungshütte steel mill, just as for the Eiffel tower, and it was riveted on-site from the single parts in 1889.

  A little bit later you reach the depot (Bw) and the train station at Fützen (7). All trains of the Sauschwaenzlebahn are maintained and repaired at this depot. Two engine sheds allow for year-round work on the trains regardless of the weather. The train control centre is located at Fützen train station, which is at half-distance. From here, the traffic controller controls the railway service between Blumberg-Zollhaus and Weizen.


The Fützen viaduct (8) is built on sandstone pillars. 3 km after Fützen, you reach the Stockhalde spiral tunnel (9). This is the only spiral tunnel worldwide of a low mountain range railway with standard gauge. The spiral routing was necessary to guarantee a low gradient. Over a length of 1,700 m, the railway has a gain in height of only 16 metres. The Wutach viaduct (10) can be found in an area that caused lots of troubles to the construction engineers due to geologically-imposed landslides. The originally planned route along Wutachflühe through Achdorf to Donaueschingen had to be given up due to earth movements in this rather "young" area. The only thing that remained was the project name: "Wutachtalbahn". Originally, the Lausheim-Blumegg stop (11) was a large wood terminal. The final destination is the train station at Weizen (12). The locomotives are turned and water is refilled for the ascent. At this train station, you find the platform covered by a historic roof (from 1857) from Freiburg.


Start: Blumberg-Zollhaus train station
Length:18,5 km
Walking time:approx. 4,5 h


approx. 250 m


at start


Sturdy footwear, not suitable for wheelchairs


Blumberg-Zollhaus train station to Weizen train station

Signs: Viaduct