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Support us to preserve this heritage train



With the purchase of this brochure, you support us to preserve the "Sauschwaenzlebahn". We appreciate donations and use them for our projects. This is the only way to go ahead with projects, such as the gantry crane, and to preserve the heritage train for future generations.

This brochure has 64 pages and numerous photos from the past. Furthermore, you will find interesting articles with technical information, the history of the railway and information about the associations.

  • 7th completely revised edition
  • For the first time: All pages in colour.
  • For the first time: Detailed archive with all active locomotives, with data about waggons, viaducts, tunnels.
  • For the first time: Detailed information about the new attractions, such as the gantry crane.

The new brochure brings history to life thanks to its numerous and unique photos. The texts are easy to understand.


Informatio to Order:
Price 5,80 € (From abroad please € 8.80, including postage) | Please transfer the amount in advance to the following account: IBAN DE45 6949 0000 0014 1629 17 | BIC: GENODE61VS1

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