Railway museum & gantry-style signal towerat Blumberg-Zollhaus train station

The Blumberg railway museum in the former freight shed of the Blumberg-Zollhaus train station presents the history of origins of the Sauschwaenzlebahn und shows you many nostalgic objects that bear witness to the times of steam trains.

  • The museum is open on days with scheduled train service, one hour before departure and one hour after arrival of the train.
  • On request, we offer guided tours for groups.
  • The visit is included in the ticket price.

Since 1992, this museum accommodated in the former shed completes the offer of the Sauschwaenzlebahn. The city of Blumberg, as the owner of the former freight shed of the Blumberg-Zollhaus train station, was able to provide the perfect framework.

Friends of the heritage railway, in particular Bernhard Prillwitz and Dietrich Reimer, and local authority services of the city of Blumberg contributed with their expert knowledge and great commitment to the establishment of the museum. Several goals were achieved when deciding for this site: The museum is located in a space that itself should be preserved. It is in the immediate vicinity of the railway, and there is room for possible extensions planned in the environment of the train station.

Several items that were essential in the everyday life of a functioning railway for decades were selected with care and are now on display:
Signals, telephone blocks, signal boxes, equipment, signs, uniforms and many more. The uniform of a railway worker from the times of the Grand Duchy of Baden is a remarkable exhibit. Numerous drawings, plans and photos from the time when the railway was built and operated are shown. A model railway shows operation of the Sauschwaenzlebahn.

Particularly important items are shown in great detail, for example, a technically faithful reproduction of the chair rail and trackbed system, a peculiar and hardly known way of laying railway tracks. In the past, the rails sitting on chairs were commonly used in all tunnels in the Baden Black Forest, i.e. also for the Sauschwaenzlebahn. And in the tunnel at Achdorfer Weg, even bullhead rails were used. Buchberg tunnel was the last place where chair rails with corresponding trackbed were still used in the area of responsibility of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Since this type of construction has long been replaced by modern versions, this museum is now the right place for it. In the museum, visitors have the chance to experience the control of a steam engine: a complete set of controls has been reconstructed, exactly copying those found in a real steam engine.



The gantry-style signal tower built in 1886 was the control centre of the train station in times when mechanical switches and signals were still used. When electrical systems were introduced, it was almost demolished, but thanks to citizens of vision, politicians and the landmarks preservation council, it could be saved. It was totally restored and has been open to the public at its new location in Blumberg-Zollhaus since 1999.

 The gantry-style signal tower and the railway museum are open 1 hour before departure and 1 hour after arrival of the trains on days with scheduled services (signal tower only if the weather is fine).

Tip: The visit to these two sites is already included in the ticket price.