Sauschwaenzlebahn takes you on a wild romantic trip through the Wutach valley

On your eventful trip with Sauschwaenzlebahn, you pass an attractive variety of sites:

  • Starting from the train station in Zollhaus-Blumberg (702 m above sea level)
  • through Buchberg tunnel (805 m)
  • over Biesenbach viaduct (length: 252.5 m, height: 24 m)
  • over Epfenhofen viaduct (length: 264 m, height: 34 m)
  • passing the Epfenhofen train station
  • through the tunnel at Achdorfer Weg (540 m)
  • over the Wutach gorges
  • passing the Fützen train station
  • over the bridge at Fützen (length: 153 m, height: 28 m)
  • through the Great Stockhalde spiral tunnel (diameter: 700 m, length: 1,700 m, gradient: 15.5 m)  
  • through the Little Stockhalde tunnel (85.5 m)
  • passing the Grimmelshofen train station
  • through the Grimmelshofen tunnel (225 m)
  • over the Wutach viaduct (length: 107.5 m, height: 28 m)
  • through the Kehrtunnel im Weiler (1,205 m)
  • passing the Lausheim-Blumegg stop
  • and finally arriving at the train station in Weizen.

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Gain in height from Weizen to Buchbergsattel: 231 m, taking 25 km of track to travel a beeline distance of 9.5 km.
Enjoy the unforgettable experience of a train excursion at low speed with our Sauschwaenzlebahn in the old waggons that have already transported our great-grandparents through a romantic landscape. A catering carriage is also provided. It's a journey for the young and the young at heart that allows you to film and take photos to your heart's content. There's plenty of opportunity.